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Sale and conversion of maritime and storage containers

SNDM specialises in selling, modifying and converting new, once-used and second-hand containers. To satisfy the varied requirements of its clients, SNDM can offer a wide range of customised containers: standard, special and converted containers.

Standard containers

The standard containers, available in a wide choice of sizes and colours, enable you to store all your valuable goods and materials in a safe place, protected from theft and adverse weather conditions. They are equipped with padlock protection as a standard feature, but also with security locks to further reduce the risk of burglary.

Standard containers are equipped with:

  • a double door on the front panel with 2 or 4 security bars,
  • 4 attachment points for lifting purposes in the upper part,
  • 2 forklift truck handling sheathes,
  • a wooden or steel floor.

Special containers

To meet more specific needs, SNDM can provide containers with special openings and particular volumes that can be adapted to your needs:

  • Open Top/Open Hard Top (with removable roof),
  • Half Height,
  • Double door (door at each end),
  • Openside (lateral opening),
  • Tank,
  • Flat (floor with end walls),
  • Refrigerated and isothermal …

Converted containers

SNDM can customise containers to suit any application by installing doors and windows, insulation, electric circuits and socket outlets, and air conditioning, and by adding an Ampli-roll cradle to make it easier to transport the container.

SNDM can also convert the containers into offices, housing, mobile workshops, phytosanitary facilities, storage or tool rooms. The containers can also be put together to create larger interior spaces.

All the containers available have a robust structure and good corrosion protection which gives them a long service life, making them safe shelters for storing or transporting goods, but also for working or living.

A flexible approach to complex requirements is the key to SNDM’s business, and its staff can advise and assist you in finding the solution that best meets your needs. The company holds a large stock to ensure permanent availability of products.

Focus – Storage space with retention tank

Storage space with retention tank: SNDM can supply containers with a retention tank incorporated into the thickness of the bottom part of the frame, covered by a galvanized mesh floor. Liquid products (depending on their composition) can be stored in a safe place, at the same time protecting the environment from accidental spillage.


SNDM is based in Gretz-Armainvilliers, Seine-et-Marne (77) and works anywhere in France.


ZI Ampère
58 rue de Maison Rouge
77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers
Tél. +(33) 01 64 42 59 50


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