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Civil engineering works, foundations and geothermal works


For over 25 years, the professional know-how and experience of Axel Duval has been put to work on sites in France and neighbouring countries. Specialised in the construction of guide walls, the company undertakes foundations, civil engineering and geothermal works.


Guide walls, piercaps, load-bearing rectangular piles, secant piles, cut-off diaphragm walls, bracing: foundations are Axel Duval’s core business.

Civil engineering works

The company can carry out civil engineering works on industrial, residential building and road construction sites: reinforced concrete structures, retaining walls, underground basins, underpinning and masonry work.

Geothermal works

From horizontal electro-welded connections through to feeder and header tank connections, Axel Duval can undertake geothermal works on residential building sites (housing estates, residential property development programmes, etc), also industrial and commercial sites.

Axel Duval’s teams attend training courses regularly, and their qualifications and experience make them skilled and efficient technicians. The site managers, construction and general foremen, and engineers are assisted by craftsmen highly skilled in traditional techniques and enthusiastic apprentices : the transmission of knowledge is one of the company’s main values.

Axel Duval can also count on its large fleet of recent machines to bring great flexibility and efficiency on site (the fleet includes excavators from 1.5T to 30T, trucks, and varied construction equipment).

Axel Duval’s commitments to its clients include rigour, respect for deadlines, reactivity and quality of work. It is the company’s dedication to these commitments that has made Axel Duval, over the years, a reliable and capable partner, able to work on complex and large-scale professional projects, such as Grand Paris or the geothermal works at the Auteuil racecourse.

Focus – Guide walls

Axel Duval’s specialises particularly in guide walls which are temporary reinforced concrete structures put in place to serve as guidelines for the diaphragm wall construction, and are an essential part of the foundations. The accuracy of these guide walls determines the correct positioning of the diaphragm wall. Axel Duval can adapt to the requirements and the type of soil on each site: localised spot foundations, connecting wall foundations.


Axel Duval est implanté à Gretz-Armainvilliers dans le département de la Seine-et-Marne (77).

Axel Duval

ZI Ampère
54 rue de Maison Rouge
77220 Gretz-Armainvilliers
Tél. +(33) 01 64 42 59 56


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